August 6th, 2009 by Monetization

Monetization is in the news more than ever it seems… can it save old media?  Will Twitter ever be monetized as much as others are monetizing it for things like bands & brands promotion?

Is there a way to monetize video?  People think YouTube may have finally cracked the code, helped in part by the ever-lowering cost of hardware & bandwidth.  And others continue to try.

There is continued growth in the mobile monetizing potential, especially apps… even if some apps don’t immediately monetize.  Reaching people on this “third” screen (after TV & computer browsers) is being targeted.  Mobile gaming is a money-making area to watch (or participate in).

And online games are also generating more revenue in new ways, including enticing players to perform some monetizeable action in order to get virtual currency.

Social networks are having their most popular apps be some sort of game, making social games a hot target for revenue generation.

One social networking site is monetizing by getting their members to pay a fee to enter a contest.  And there are always helpful lists of ways to monetize a blog, for which there seems to be a pattern of starting with Adsense, and then covering ad sales (banners/video/etc), donations, selling e-products, affiliate marketing.  This monetization website (we share similar background with) is also covering a broader spectrum of how to address monetization in general and understand it as applied to entrepreneurial efforts online & offline.

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