February 17th, 2010 by Monetization

Does monetizing social networks make them lose value as members shy away?  One early web pioneer Bo Peabody, thinks that may be the case, but makes the case for niche networks that have perhaps transient memberships. 

On the contrary, monetization via niche networks like Classmates.com may have to compete with general social networks like Facebook.  And trading off less traffic from users to paid traffic of users is not an all-or-none proposition. 

The launch of Buzz also has given speculation as to how to monetize social conversations via Adsense or other options.

And Activision reportedly says social gaming monetization is speculative, and focuses on content (with reporting all-time highs in digital revenues, including downloads & subscription-based revenue).

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February 2nd, 2010 by Monetization

Standards for video ads were announced late last year, and some are saying this is a win for content publishers, as well as for advertisers.

In the not-so-great news for people favoring the content subscription model, Newsday reports 35 subscribers after launching a paywall-based website.  As someone who grew up reading Newsday every day, it seems they will have to tweak their formula a bit in the complicated online & mobile monetization ecosystem.

And OneRiot is making trending ads visible to all.

Facebook continues to grow and many offer ways that they can be a money-making machine.  Among those include social gaming, such as via the relatively new Facebook payments.  Online social gaming remains a viable money engine (the link includes a video of an interview withGurbaksh Chahal of gWallet).

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