January 30th, 2010 by Monetization

Content With Money: There is a wealth (literally?) of information in this Neilson survey results post, which includes conclusions that selling musicand games is potentially more lucrative than selling access to text or user-generated content.

For those running text ads on websites, there is the promise of using click to call as an additional revenue source (and the flip side is businesses can get people searching via mobile phones to call just at the moment they want to speak with someone).

Monetization of the Big(ger) Screen? And with the announcement of the iPad, monetizing it (along with iPhones and iPod Touches) may be easier for bloggers with services such as iSites combined with Admob.  A future post will give a list of services such as iSites that allow for easy mobile app creation.

Media : Monetizing new media continues to grow as old media struggles to monetize.

Online video monetization may be helping filmmakers who need to monetize their audiences, and sites such as Hulu are trying the pay option.

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