January 30th, 2010 by Monetization

This is one in a series of Monetization Classics – featuring information that should stand the test of time as examples of useful strategies, techniques and knowledge related to producing income.

The dating site PlentyOfFish.com (blog, Wikipedia page) has been widely noted as a site that shows how a single entrepreneur can find success in a competitive market.  It was started by Marcus Frind as a way to build a site while improving his programming skills, and timing was great as the Adsense text-ads monetization system was launched around the same time.

The founder wound up with a site earning millions per year in text ad revenue (later expanded to other monetization methods), and has inspired others to work to implement successful sites as solo or small business entrepreneurs.

The website  video below is an interview from 2007 with Marcus Frind, done by a media show based in Tampa, Florida (USA).

(The video is almost 10 minutes long)

A year before the interview taped above, this blog post highlighted the blueprint/business model for the PlentyOfFish site.  And while the interview above is years old, there are those as of now who believe the site is a web property that will continue to be successful.

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